My life is all about the passion of improvisation, from the early days...

Improvising is not acting randomly, it's composing in real time, knowing the rules and experimenting new ways beyond the scope of what you learned by practicing.

Ask me what is my job? I'm puzzled. I've never been able to choose between these 3 playgrounds that are Music, Software and Photography.

I take them all.

They seem to be divergent, I made them complementary!

Intuition and  creativity are the common threads that I cherish and keenly twine up to learn and improve my skills every day.

But..why Rixar?

Well... "x" in Portuguese is pronounced like "ch" in French, so it's my way to shorten my first name, besides, it's a wink to the time I lived in Brazil and to my Brazilian friends.



Being a multi-instrumentalist, please, don't ask me what instrument I prefer,

neither which one is easier to play...

I'd play all of them if I could in my lifetime, they require total dedication when the sky is your limit!

Guitar, Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Compositions & Standards



From implementing your Enterprise Resource Planning to providing your data analysis from Business Intelligence solutions, LDS is also happy to design your professional website with the latests standards. 



I always see photoshoots everywhere, even when I walk without my camera. I am a full-time virtual shooter that sometimes is lucky enough to catch the right instant of my imaginary vision in the real world...

Hire one of my bands for your public or private live event
Take full advantage of my expertise in data intelligence and digital tools
Have me by your side to cover your happening with a pro photo shoot
Ask me anytime for a free quotation, or just...



Richard LAYAN

+262 692 88 03 89

Saint-Paul, La Reunion

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