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Antelope Island State Park, Utah

Between fear & curiosity, for an intense glance, ears up !!!

Wet feet #2

Breakfast flower time

Paille-en-queue #1

Le Paille en queue (Phaethon lepturus) est l'emblème de l'île de la Réunion. C'est un grand oiseau pélagique des mers chaudes au plumage blanc avec des traits noirs. Il possède également une très longue queue composée de deux plumes très fines ressemblant à deux pailles blanches trainant élégamment derrière l'oiseau en vol. Son bec est jaune. Cet oiseau marin se rencontre le long des falaises réunionnaises et le long des ravines perçant dans les terres. Il se nourrit de petits poissons pêchés en mer. Le Paille en queue niche dans les trous des falaises ou au fond des ravines. Il pond un unique oeuf d'octobre à décembre.

What are you doing here ?

"Martin Triste" (Acridotheres tristis)

Passive hunting

Morning singer

Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus/merle "Maurice")

Hidden spotter #2

Reunion Island very shy lizard in a papaya tree of my garden, Indian Ocean

Man at work

Nest construction with sugar cane "wires"... Zoizo bélié (Creole) Village Weaver (English) Ploceus cucullatus (Latin)

"Couturier" at work

Check list OK, ready for take off !

Dragonfly reflexion

Bahia reflexions


The Cardinal (Foudia madagascariensis) is a common bird in Reunion Island and in the whole Indian Ocean region. Wearing the perfect Christmas colors, I thought that was the right moment to upload this shot today ;-)

All we need is Love

Close to the edge

Hey, you !

Kourou squirrel

In the look-out

This kind of little iguana were imported recently with commercial shipping activity in Reunion Island, indian Ocean.They acclimated to their new country, where we can find many of them in the harbor of "Le Port" area.

Bulbul lookout...

Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus)


White Peacock (Anartia jatrophae)

Greater Yellow-headed Vulture

Greater Yellow-headed Vulture (Cathartes melambrotus) hunting over French Guiana forest near Kourou...

Blue flight

Thirsty little cow

So human like expression

Wilde reflections

Little rest

Little rest time

Thirsty Hummingbird

Reverse prisoner

Bat on blue


This parrot is not supposed to be found in Reunion Island, but...

Sweet blue eyes

Nursing in town

Lop Buri, Thailand, little city full of monkeys & temples, on the road between Bangkok & Chiang Mai !

X Bee-eater (Guêpier)

Suicidal shot

Back scratching

Lunch time

The black Ladybug episode #1 : the border line

Looking for food... she could only find a little raindrop on that leaf...

Hermit crab overload

Stick insect face

Honey call

I didn't know that Gecko was fond of honey at breakfast :-)

The black Ladybug final episode : sad & lonely

...and keep sad & lonely with empty belly !

Stop thief!

Night Chameleon

Female juvenile chameleon

Hidden spotter #1

Reunion Island lizard in a papaya tree of my garden, Indian Ocean

Reunion lizard on sunset

From under the glass

A B&W spot on green

Moucherolle à tête blanche (Arundinicola Leucocephala)

In ambush bittern

Botaurus Pinnatus

Meeting point

Green camouflage on bokeh

White angel


Black wasp lunch



Look at me please!

Amazonian aquarium #3

Amazonian aquarium #5

Amazonian aquarium #4

Gotcha !

Lunch time

Bec Rose male (Estrilda astrild rubriventris)

Lunch time guard

Bec Rose female (Estrilda astrild rubriventris)

Brown Pelican

Pelecanus occidentalis. The coastal road "highway 1" in California, between Los Angeles & San Francisco, offers so many dreamy land and seascapes, vertical cliffs and a lot of birds and wildlife. More than 300 miles over and beyond imagination...a photographer's paradise actually !

Blue mood

Western Scrub-Jay California coast near Big Sur, along the Highway 1

California Gull

Larus californicus, pier of Santa Barbara, California.

Flying V

A small flight of geese are silhouettes against the Golden Gate sky, San Francisco.

Forest encounter

Bambi 2

Western bluebird

Western bluebird breeding habitat is semiopen country, excluding desert areas. The yearround range includes California, the southern Rocky Mountains, Arizona, and New Mexico in the United States, and as far south as the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz in Mexico. This one was shot in the Bryce Canyon National Park, so it can be found in southern Utah as well.


Land of the buffalos

Soooo cute!!!