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Paille-en-queue #2

Phaethon lepturus White-tailed Tropicbird, Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

Adios 2013

2013 last sunset in Reunion Island, just before BEJISA tropical cyclone. There were the first clouds of the system. True colors without enhancement. NDx16 Filter. Happy New Year ! Bonne Année 2014 ! Feliz Ano Novo ! Feliz Año Nuevo !

Stone beach

Le Port (Reunion Island), vue sur la route du littoral, dite "route en corniche", qui à cause des éboulis fréquents de ses falaises volcaniques est dite la + chère du monde... Bracketing 120'' w/ ND16 + ND400 + UV filters

Milky Maïdo

Le Piton des Neiges et le Grand Bénare sous la voie lactée, depuis le Maïdo. Mars est visible en haut à gauche. La constellation du Scorpion est au dessus des montagnes, entre les 2 pics, le Centaure en plein milieu de la Voie Lactée. "Piton des Neiges" (3038m) and "Grand Bénare" (2896m) mountains under the milky way, from the "Maïdo" cliff point of view. At the top left : Mars red planet. Over and between the 2 mountains peaks, the Scorpio and in the middle of the Milky Way, the Centaurus constellations.

Panoramic Reunion

Flying over Reunion Island (RUN), Indian Ocean, just before landing...

Indian Ocean sunset

Sunset at Etang-Salé (Reunion)

Reunion sugar cane terminal #1

10'' at f2.8 without filter

Threatening sunset

Baie de l'Etang-Salé, Ile de la Réunion Long exposure with ND16+ND400 filters



HDR 3 shots

Rivière des Galets

Piton cabri

"Piton Cabri" Mafate peak from "Le Port" Reunion Island - Indian Ocean

The light hole

End of a day over "Le Port", Réunion Island, Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Sunset #4

The bi-twins

Please, click on the photo for better black background view, and digit 'm' to maximize ;-) EDF power plant at Le Port, Réunion (Indian Ocean)

Ravine #1

bracketing 3 shots, HDR

Croissant de rêve

using an extender x2 over the 300mm lens

Indian Ocean Sunset #3

True natural color, no retouching neither crop for this one ;-) Better view with black background : click on the image, thank you.

The window

Harbor reflexions

When the sun goes down...

Coastal jam

Traffic jam at 7:00pm on the main coastal road of Reunion Island, which is locally called 'route en corniche'. Occasionally falling rocks turns these 18km of cliff out to be one of the world's most dangerous & expensive road...

On the rocks #2

Please click on the image, then press M to enjoy the best view ;-)


HDR 3 shots

Smoke on the water

Indian Ocean little waves near the Reunion Island 350th anniversary scene, which was enlightened and smoked

Full moon, honey & raspberry

Last full moon, cloudy night... Click on the photo then press [M]

Fisherghosts at sunset

ND16+ND400+Polarized filters, 100 sec.

Reunion creole chapel

Chapelle "Saint Expédit" - Pointe du diable -Saint Pierre -Réunion Volcano "La Fournaise" in the background

Rivière des Galets #2

Devil's point, Reunion Island

Saint Pierre, South coast of Reunion Island, Indian Ocean Long exposure w/ND1000 filter

Indian Ocean sunset

Petroleum containers


HDR 3 shots

Golden hour

The ghost...

Was it just a cloud behind the full Moon, or a Ghost (of a dog?) over looking at it ? 300mm + teleconverter x2

Yellow & gray

Fishermen as wet as their catches !

Furious #1

More furious...

The green eye

Walk invitation

HDR w/ bracketing 6 shots

Milky Saint Paul 974

Saint Paul and the west coast of Reunion Island under the Milky Way, from the Maïdo. Please click on the photo then press 'M' for best view ;-)

She reached the sky!

Protected humpback whales (megaptera novaeangliae) and their calves are giving shows while breeding along Reunion Island's coast in wintertime each year.