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Cendrine, moon & black cat

Navajo's pride & wisdom

The American Indian communities surrounding Grand Canyon actively maintain their ancient cultures and traditions. They have long been associated with exquisite but functional crafts which reflect their close ties with nature. Fine collectibles created by native artisans began to be marketed to outsiders in the 1880s through places such as Hubbell Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation (still an active trading post that is famous for its Ganado red chief blankets). Some Navajo continue to live in traditional six- or eight-sided houses, known as hogans, and raise sheep, goats and corn. The 16-million-acre Navajo Reservation, located near the East Entrance of the park, is the largest of any southwestern tribe. The Navajo are famous for their finely woven rugs, silver and turquoise jewelry, and sand paintings.

Hamjago kids

Oriental wisdom

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Feminine artefacts


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Sund'Ri Feeling

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