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Equilibrium in the red

The light hole (b&w)

End of a day over "Le Port", Réunion, Indian Ocean

NY icons by night

The red bus

Dowtown buildings from the Bona Vista lounge bar, LA. I set a selective color (the true color of the bus) to attract the vision to the bottom area of the photo. The purpose is to better make consider how high are the skyscrapers above the highways, by comparison... J'ai choisi une couleur sélective (la vraie couleur du bus) pour attirer le regard vers le bas de la photo. Le but étant de mieux rendre compte de la hauteur des gratte-ciel au-dessus des autoroutes, par comparaison...

Cendrine in Belém (b&w)

Please, click on the photo for better black background view, and digit 'm' to maximize ;-) Black points in the sky are Urubús flying...


Dark ghosts

He would have liked to be discreet...

Ending day (b&w)

Please, click on the photo for better black background view, and digit 'm' to maximize ;-)

Light on wood

Creole sweet home

Old house detail in Cayenne (French Guiana)

Fishing under the sun

The yellow buoy

Inner light


Shower straight ahead

Ravine #2

The silver box

Under the bridge at sunset

No water under this bridge during winter (that's why it is called 'Rock River', but furious torrents after every cyclone during summer...

Harbor reflexions #2


Salvador da Bahia

Lutherie tools b&w

Two worlds...

Water crisis consequence ?

"Palmoon" 2


Passiflora edulis (passion fruit liana)

Childhood eyes

GG in BW

City of San Francisco behind the Golden Gate bridge, taken from the Marin Headlands coastal park.

Flying away...

...from LAX airport...

East 42nd

Blue Chrysler

Selective NYC street life

NYPD blue

Power, knowledge, mindfulness, balance & harmony, energy, vitality, strength !

Beauty right where you need it!

Golden Art Deco

The Empire State Building was so golden at sunset! I decided to apply a selective color treatment to emphasize his glowing light.

Iconic 5th av.


Colombus Circle X Broadway, NYC

NYC skyline from Centre St.

Yellow Madison Square

Iconic New Yorker Flatiron Building...

Take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge...

Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the East River in New York City, connecting Lower Manhattan at Canal Street with Brooklyn at the Flatbush Avenue Extension. The main span is 1,470 ft (448 m) long, with the suspension cables being 3,224 ft (983 m) long. The bridge's total length is 6,855 ft (2,089 m). This is one of four toll-free bridges spanning the East River. The bridge opened to traffic on December 31, 1909. It was designed by Leon Moisseiff, and is noted for its innovative design. As the first suspension bridge to employ Josef Melan's deflection theory for the stiffening of its deck, it is considered to be the forerunner of modern suspension bridges and this design served as the model for many of the long-span suspension bridges built in the first half of the twentieth century. The Manhattan Bridge was also the first suspension bridge to utilize a Warren truss in its design.

Brown lower Manhattan

taken from the Brooklyn Bridge

Art Déco classic view from BB

Blue Manhattan Bridge

Legendary skyline

Liberty... surrounded by copters

...even by a plane and boats as well!

East River sailing

B&W Lower Manhattan

Highway to infinity

1 peak

9/11 Memorial

The World Trade Center Memorial for me is the most impressive, breathtaking emotional place in today New York City...


No standing anytime!

My most expensive shot :D

Queens overview

...to Long Island... taken from the Empire State Building

The yellow car toys

Iconic Flatiron in b&w

NYC icons


Perspective & Reflexion...

Harbor atmosphere


New York Water Taxi


Crowned by clouds 1WTC

Old Oraibi

Old Oraibi, is a Hopi village in Navajo County, Arizona, United States, in the northeastern part of the state. Known as Orayvi by the native inhabitants, it is located on Third Mesa on the Hopi Reservation near Kykotsmovi Village. Oraibi was founded sometime before the year 1100 AD, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements within the United States. (Source: Wikipedia)